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The BPA Acting Program

The Broadway Performing Arts Acting Program focuses on developing a strong base technique. The teaching technique used in bpa’s acting classes was developed by Sanford Meisner, called the Meisner technique.  Sanford Meisner was a student of Konstantin Stanislavski. He developed his own take on Stanislavski’s ‘Method’ technique. He defines acting, “Acting truthfully under imaginary circumstances”.  It is a very disciplined technique.  All of our classes will begin with a very basic repetition exercise.  The repetition exercise will get more and more involved over time.  These exercises are also used when working on scene work as well.

The more advanced acting classes will eventually start to work on emotional preparations so they can tap into all of their emotions when needed for the material.  They will also begin working on characterizations.

At all levels the classes are all designed to enhance the students ability to express themselves without self consciousness.  Not an easy thing to do for any of us, but it is a necessity for actors.  bpa’s acting classes will allow students to come out of their shells and become self confident and uninhibited, well rounded people as well as versatile actors.

The students will leave bpa’s acting classes ready to audition for their school play or musical or professional acting job with confidence. 

Creative Acting I, for ages 6 to 8, will start with repetition exercises and then will use improvisational games to enhance and encourage their imaginations.  Depending on the interest we will work on commercial copy as well to get them ready for commercial auditions.

Acting Classes II, for ages 9 – 12, focuses more on technique adding Meisner’s door exercise and beginning to work on emotional preparation for more complicated scenes and monologues.  

Acting III, for ages 13 – 16 will delve into more complicated door exercises and activities, emotional preparations and characterizations.  

Creative Drama (ages 5-7)

Nurtures the child’s natural dramatic play and imagination, while gradually introducing basic stage movement, beginning acting technique, and the concepts of “audience,” and the “fourth wall.”

Acting Class I & Acting Class II

focus on the development of the student’s instrument – voice, emotions, body, and intelligence – to enable free expression of a “character’s” personality. Teaching is individualized and class placement is based on age and skill.

Through carefully designed exercises and activities, BPA Acting students develop their sensory and affective memory, their imagination, their ability to concentrate on the “stage reality.” They become more energetic, expressive, and empathic by learning to take risks and overcoming negative inhibitions. Students become more spontaneous and “in the moment.”  Through expressive-movement activities, students develop the freedom necessary for graceful, honest, and powerful physical expression.  They learn to respond effectively to stage directions.

Students develop their stage voices through exercises in diaphragmatic breathing, relaxed larynx, voice projection, and Standard English pronunciation.

BPA Acting students learn to analyze and portray the personality of a character: his emotional and physical characteristics, the layers of his personality, his motivations, objectives, behavior, energy flow, and the “beats” of his expression.

Students incorporate these physical, emotional, and intellectual techniques in the analysis and performance of believable characters in monologues, soliloquies, and scenes.

Performance opportunities are available.